Blair W. Nelson
Criminal Defense

Sexual Crimes

If facing sexual crime charges, it is important to have an aggressive and experienced defense lawyer to defend constitutional rights and stand by the accused. In addition to potential prison time there are many aspects of a person’s life that can be significantly impacted by a sexual crime conviction, as it is a very public issue in around the communities in which convicted sexual offenders live. Because of the stigma of sexual crimes there are many instances of false accusation and conviction and it is important to have a defense attorney to educate and serve as a guide. The results of and wrongful accusation can be devastating even if the allegations are proven false.

Blair W. Nelson, expert Bemidji Criminal Sexual Conduct Attorney, is experienced in defending the rights of those accused of sexual crimes and stands beside his clients in the courtroom. It is important to have a sexual crimes defense attorney that will stand by your side and help stand up to the prosecution.