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DWI Attorneys Bemidji MN

The punishment for DUI/DWI charges in Minnesota is significant for a first offense and very severe for multiple offenses. It is important to have an experienced DUI Lawyer to walk you through the legal process as it can be confusing and a conviction could result in steep fines, loss of employment and loss of driving privileges. Blair W. Nelson, Bemidji DUI Attorney, has a long track record of DUI/DWI dropped and reduced charges that has proven invaluable to his clients.

Whether you committed the crime or not it is important to have an experienced attorney that can help direct you to a reduced penalty or even dropped charges. Blair W. Nelson has achieved this by helping to identify inconsistencies in the police reports or procedural errors that occurred during the arrest defending his client’s rights. For the best in DWI Attorneys Bemidji MN has to offer, contact Blair W. Nelson today.