Blair W. Nelson
Criminal Defense

Beltrami County, MN - July 2013

Client was accused by an acquaintance of raping her in her apartment. Early defense intervention and investigation provided the County attorney’s office with facts not originally reported to law enforcement and led to a decision not to criminally prosecute our client.

Beltrami County, MN - June 2013

Client was investigated by police and social services regarding allegations of molesting foster children in his home. Our office was retained in time to conduct our own investigation of the claims and persuaded the County not to bring charges.

Clay County, MN - April 2013

Client was accused by a student of having a sexual relationship with him at the school where she worked. We were retained prior to charging, conducted an immediate defense investigation, and intervened in the Department of Education investigation that was started because of the allegations. Our client was exonerated by the Department of Education and was not criminally charged in the matter.

Lake of the Woods County, MN - October 2012

Lake of the Woods Co. Client was originally charged in December of 2010 with 4 counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct in the First Degree, Kidnapping, and Domestic Assault that alleged a graphic pattern of bondage, burning, and violation with foreign objects. Extensive defense investigation of the accusations and purported evidence led to the State dismissing the Criminal Sexual Conduct and Kidnapping charges in September of 2011. In early January, 2012, the State dismissed the Domestic Assault as well pending further investigation. In March of 2012, the case was recharged but resolved in October of 2012, with the client receiving a disposition of “time served” and was sentenced to probation.

Mille Lacs County, MN - December 2011

Client charged with a Second Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct for allegedly fondling his niece during a drunken blackout. Due to Client’s extensive criminal history he faced a presumptive 11 years and 8 months in prison if convicted. Through negotiations, we got the State to reduce the charge to a Gross Misdemeanor Fifth Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct. The Client will be sentenced to time served, after resolution of other pending charges.

Beltrami County, MN - December 2011

Client charged with felony domestic abuse while defending himself and his home from an ex-girlfriend who broke in the front door after being told to leave. Two questions into the cross examination of the complaining witness, she took “the fifth” in order to avoid self-incrimination and the State agreed to resolve the matter consistent with the Defense’s pretrial offer of misdemeanor disorderly conduct and misdemeanor contempt of court for his violation of his “no drink order” condition of probation on previous assaults.

Becker County, MN - December 2011

Client charged with possession of several pounds of marijuana with intent to sell. When police searched his home with a warrant the Client’s brother was found flushing a pound or two down the toilet. The Client waived his right to a jury trial and the matter was tried by the Judge. The Judge found the Client not guilty as the State failed to prove client’s involvement in the case.

Wadena County, MN - September 2011

Client was charged with 3 counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct in the First Degree, alleging molestation of 3 girls. The Client faced a potential 36 years in prison if convicted on all counts. On the fourth day of trial, cross examination of the victim’s mother led the State to offer reduced charges that resulted in stayed prison time and 180 days in the county jail with work release.

Beltrami County, MN - March 2011

Client was charged with daily molestation of his Step-Daughter over the course of multiple years. The Defendant was found NOT GUILTY on all counts by the Jury.

Clay County, MN - November 2010

Client had been previously convicted of Assault in the Second Degree with a Dangerous Weapon for stabbing his brother in law at a house party. After the case was reversed on appeal, because of flaws in the jury instructions, Client hired us for the retrial. We established that the blood and injury patterns were consistent with self defense by the Client, which is what the Client had told the police at the time of the incident. We then presented a witness who saw the “victim” and his family “getting their stories together” immediately before talking to the police. The Defendant was found NOT GUILTY on all counts by the Jury.

Cass County, MN - August 2006

Charges: First Degree Murder

Outcome: NOT GUILTY to three counts of First Degree Murder, convicted of

Second Degree murder. Client avoided mandatory life in prison without parole.

Becker County, MN - December 2005

Charges: First Degree Arson

Outcome: NOT GUILTY on all counts. Client resumed his normal life.

U.S. District Court, MN - December 2005

Charges: Manslaughter

Outcome: NOT GUILTY on all counts. Client Returned to his family.

Beltrami County, MN - August 2005

Charges: Beltrami County and the State of Minnesota attempted to have Client

indefinitely committed as a Sexual Psychopathic Personality and/or a Sexually

Dangerous Persons. (Arguably a life sentence in Minnesota)

Outcome: PETITION DENIED. Client remains at liberty

(while not committing predatory offenses, by the way)

Cass County, MN - June 2005

Charges: Second Degree Assault (with a dangerous weapon)

Outcome: NOT GUILTY on all counts. Client went home with his children.