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DWI Attorneys Bemidji MN

The punishment for DUI/DWI charges in Minnesota is significant for a first offense and very severe for multiple offenses. It is important to have an experienced DUI Lawyer to walk you through the legal process as it can be confusing and a conviction could result in steep fines, loss of employment and loss of driving privileges. Blair W. Nelson, Bemidji DUI Attorney, has a long track record of DUI/DWI dropped and reduced charges that has proven invaluable to his clients.

Whether you committed the crime or not it is important to have an experienced attorney that can help direct you to a reduced penalty or even dropped charges. Blair W. Nelson has achieved this by helping to identify inconsistencies in the police reports or procedural errors that occurred during the arrest defending his client’s rights. For the best in DWI Attorneys Bemidji MN has to offer, contact Blair W. Nelson today.

Sexual Crimes

If facing sexual crime charges, it is important to have an aggressive and experienced defense lawyer to defend constitutional rights and stand by the accused. In addition to potential prison time there are many aspects of a person’s life that can be significantly impacted by a sexual crime conviction, as it is a very public issue in around the communities in which convicted sexual offenders live. Because of the stigma of sexual crimes there are many instances of false accusation and conviction and it is important to have a defense attorney to educate and serve as a guide. The results of and wrongful accusation can be devastating even if the allegations are proven false.

Blair W. Nelson, expert Bemidji Criminal Sexual Conduct Attorney, is experienced in defending the rights of those accused of sexual crimes and stands beside his clients in the courtroom. It is important to have a sexual crimes defense attorney that will stand by your side and help stand up to the prosecution.

Domestic Assault Lawyer Bemidji MN

Domestic violence charges can lead to very serious legal consequences and multiple convictions can lead to increased jail time and significant fines. In addition to the legal ramifications of being convicted of a domestic violence it can also cost someone his or her career and other important civil liberties.

The charge of domestic violence carries a heavy burden for all involved and often consists of several varying versions of the story. Blair W. Nelson, Bemidji Domestic Violence Attorney, is experienced in sorting through the facts of a domestic violence case and stands by his clients to get to the bottom of the issues as quickly as possible. For a trusted Domestic Assault Lawyer Bemidji MN, contact Blair W. Nelson today.

Bemidji Criminal Defense Lawyers

Criminal law covers a wide spectrum of charges ranging from misdemeanors to felony charges, which are taken very seriously in the state of Minnesota. Being convicted of a criminal charge greatly impacts the quality of life for an individual and their family; the punishments can be severe and it can effect a person’s employment, driving privileges, and many facets of life and civil liberties. If you have had an unfortunate series of events and find yourself with criminal charges, you need a law firm you can trust who will be your advocate and who has a track record of success in acquittals and reduced charges.

At Blair W. Nelson it is our goal to represent our clients with great care and attention and to actively defend their rights. Regardless of the level of the criminal charge the case should be approached with caution and a keen eye for the details, as that is the only way to keep it off the record. Contact Blair W. Nelson Law Firm today for the most trusted Bemidji Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Bemidji Assault Lawyers

Assault charges in Minnesota are very serious in nature and mean the intent to inflict bodily harm on another person. At the least degree, someone convicted of assault could face up to 90 days in prison. At the highest degree, someone convicted could face up to 20 years. Not only is prison time possible, the consequences of a conviction include numerous court fines and a mark on your criminal record – something that could follow you for years as you apply for new jobs and housing.

Bemidji Assault Lawyer Blair W. Nelson is experienced with defending those accused of assault. He works with clients to sort through the facts, find the bottom line and vigorously defends them against allegations of assault. If you need an experienced assault lawyer in Bemidji, MN, contact our law office today.

Bemidji Drug Crimes Lawyers

Whether it includes the intent to distribute or simple possession, drug charges in the state of Minnesota are very serious in nature. If convicted, the accused could face time in jail, legal fines and a permanent mark on their criminal records – the latter of which could follow them for years to come. To avoid conviction, it’s necessary to find an experienced criminal defense attorney who will stand by you and fight on your behalf.

Bemidji Drug Lawyer Blair W. Nelson works to vigorously defend those accused of drug crimes, fighting for the dismissal of such charges. If you need a drug lawyer in Bemidji, MN that’s thoroughly experienced in drug law, contact our law office today.