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First Degree DWI

Before choosing a 1st degree DWI defense attorney in Bemidji MN, you may want to familiarize yourself with the stipulations of the charges and the potential punishments associated with sentencing in Minnesota.

1st degree DWI is a felony in the state of Minnesota. You will be charged at this level for any of the following:

  • Three previous DWI offenses
  • Previous felony DWI
  • Previous felony involving any criminal vehicular operation
  • Criminal vehicular homicide
  • Your license has been cancelled within the last 10 years due to impaired driving

The maximum sentence for a 1st degree DWI is seven years of jail time and a $14,000 fine. This fine does not include any additional DWI fines or license reinstatement fees. If you are facing a 1st degree DWI charge it is important that you have an experienced lawyer by your side. Contact Blair W. Nelson, the Bemidji 1st degree DWI defense attorney you can trust.